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Innovation is at the heart of Steel. We’ve moved beyond just using off-the-shelf equipment. Understanding the specific needs of our clients, we’ve started manufacturing our own line of training equipment, tailored to support the varied and unique programs we offer.

Elite Exercise Equipment

Steel Personal Training embodies the essence of effective training through the perfect synergy of top-tier equipment and expert guidance. Our facility boasts a comprehensive array of world-class training tools, including custom-made pieces, to ensure each workout is innovative and impactful. Combined with our team’s profound expertise, this equipment transcends its mechanical purpose, becoming a catalyst for unparalleled fitness results. From advanced machines to basic gear, our trainers fully harness their potential, delivering a training experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Dexa Scan

Holistic Body Analysis

At Steel Personal Training, we offer the Dexa Scan, the gold standard in body composition analysis. This advanced scan gives you a detailed breakdown of body fat, muscle mass, and bone density, ensuring your fitness plan is tailored with precision. Accompanied by comprehensive blood testing, we leave no stone unturned in understanding your health inside out. Our approach, championed by Kunal Gir, is to provide results that reflect both external transformation and internal wellness, embodying our belief in holistic health and fitness.

Accurate Analysis

Tailored Strategies

Progress Tracking


Largest Single Floor Gyms

In our cafeteria, skilled chefs create a variety of meal plans to fit your diet, from low carb to keto and more. Each meal is specially made for you, combining taste and nutrition to support your health goals.


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