Steel Personal Training

Our Coaching Method

Delve into our training methodologies that blend science with practical experience. Understand how we apply cutting-edge research and tailored techniques to maximize your training effectiveness.

Empowerment Through Holistic Coaching

At Steel Personal Training, we recognize that true transformation requires a balance between physical training and mental well-being. Our coaching philosophy is rooted in this holistic approach, ensuring that while our clients are working towards physical goals, they are also developing a mindset conducive to long-term health and happiness. We provide comprehensive, empathetic coaching that addresses every aspect of wellness, empowering our clients to achieve sustainable, life-enhancing changes.

What is Steel Mind-Body Mastery?

At Steel Personal Training, we have developed a unique 7 way method to Steel Mind-Body Mastery. This approach is meticulously designed to ensure balanced development in physical, mental, internal and external performance aspects, leading to your ultimate state of mind and body.

Steel Strength

Focusing on achieving a balanced body composition, Steel Strength involves developing an ideal mix of muscle, fat, and weight. This balance is crucial for enhanced immunity and longevity, achieved through personalized strength training and nutrition planning.

Steel Endurance

Steel Endurance is all about enhancing the heart's health and increasing aerobic capacity. By improving cardiovascular fitness and VO2 max, we aim to extend a healthy, active life.

Steel Fit Organs

Prioritizing the health of internal organs, this pillar involves comprehensive health assessments through cutting edge testing and targeted, measurable changes. It's a proactive approach to maintaining and improving organ function through lifestyle and dietary adjustments.

Steel Mind Power

This pillar is dedicated to optimizing mental well-being. By focusing on brain health and balancing neurochemistry, we aim to unlock mental potential, enhance cognitive function, and reduce stress.

Steel Gut Health

Gut health is a significant focus of our approach. Steel Digestive Wellness involves dietary strategies and lifestyle changes aimed at improving overall digestive health, essential for overall well-being.

Steel Sleep & Recharge

Recognizing the critical role of sleep in health and recovery, this pillar focuses on enhancing sleep quality. We employ strategies for optimal sleep hygiene to ensure restful and effective sleep.

Steel Movement Freedom

Joint health is vital for mobility and injury prevention. This aspect of our training focuses on exercises and techniques specifically designed to strengthen and protect joints, enhancing flexibility and mobility.

Our Approach for Lifelong Results

Understanding is the first step towards change. Our coaches are passionate about educating you on every aspect of fitness and wellness. They provide in-depth knowledge about exercise science, nutrition, and the mechanics of your body. This education empowers you to make informed choices and understand the ‘why’ behind every ‘how.’

Staying motivated can be the biggest challenge on your fitness journey. Our coaches excel in building your motivation, providing constant support, and celebrating your achievements. Their expertise in goal-setting and their genuine passion for your success keeps you inspired and focused on your path.

Transformation is at the heart of our coaching philosophy. Our coaches are adept at designing personalized training programs that are as unique as your own fitness goals. They closely monitor your progress, adapting strategies to ensure you not only reach but exceed your aspirations, experiencing a transformation that transcends physical appearance.

Journeying Together

Our coaches are your partners in every sense. They commit to understanding your unique needs and aspirations, offering guidance, support, and expert advice every step of the way. With a coach from Steel Personal Training, you’re not just embarking on a fitness routine you’re starting a journey of holistic transformation.