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Salads offer a versatile and nutrient-packed meal option, rich in vitamins and fiber. They’re customizable with a variety of greens, proteins, and dressings to suit any dietary preference. Ideal for those seeking a healthy, low-calorie option, salads can support weight management and overall wellness. Incorporating a rainbow of fresh vegetables, they’re a delicious way to nourish your body.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Atlantic smoked salmon ,Green salad with exotic vegetables

Tofu Salad

Grilled Tofu with crunchy veggies in Parmesan Dressing.


German speciality fermented raw cabbage.

Prawn Salad

Pan Tossed Prawn with crunchy veggies in Parmesan Dressing

Paneer Salad

Cottage cheese with Exotic Veggies in lemon Dressing.

Chicken Salad

Merinated Grilled Chicken Mix With Crunchy Veggies in Lemon Dressing

Tuna Salad

Imported Tuna chunks with Exotic crunchy veggies in Lemon Dressing.